Thursday, January 12, 2012

Assignment #2: The Road-Topic #3

        Cormac McCarthy’s touching novel The Road implements that in order to be strong; you need a bit of hope. The primary character, Dad, establishes hope throughout the story to protect his son from the dangers surrounding them out in the road. As one is frightened due to the loss of hope and faith, experiencing a difficult situation can lead to better moments. In this manner, McCarthy describes how Dad began to unwillingly think about a person in the past "wearing a rose gown that clung to her breast" and is thought to be his spouse. In this memory, he noticed he was damaging himself and his surroundings and to overcome this problem he had to stop living in history and instead make history by helping his son. This evidently resembled Dad’s love for his son. Even though in a bad condition, this memory wouldn’t leave Dad’s mind because it seems “she” was really special. Unfortunately, it can be concluded that Dad lost this special human being and as much as she is missed, he remembers that he has a boy to protect while on their journey to the south of the road.


  1. F.O. 3rd Period
    (+)Good implementation of the story's character's thoughts.
    (-)Need better word placement.

  2. C.Dawson
    Period 1st

    Score 4

    Strength- How you captured the thoughts of the man.
    Weakness- Needs 3 EA couplets and you have only one.

  3. L. Segura
    2nd Period

    Score: 4

    Strength-insightful, kept my attention
    Weakness-Mature in style and vocabulary,Uses little or no evidence at all,

  4. R.Rivera
    5th Period


    Strength:Great incorporation of evidence and analysis
    Weakness:Needs more details and grammar

  5. B. Martinez
    1st Period

    Score: 4
    Great introduction and thesis.
    Could use more evidence though.